Sayn Food
Environmentally Conscious Nutrition

The ecological and economic
utilization of food surplus


For a clean environment with respect
to humans, animals and nature

Sayn Food

The name Sayn Food stands for the development of various dishes (burgers, roast, steak, filet, ...)
without animal products, which do not differ in appearance and taste from the real meat dishes.
The team has set as goal to develop a concept for the optimization of daily food waste.
The solution is to collect the vegetables and fruits food surplus on a day and from that to prepare
plant meat, after then to cook warm meals for the following day. The finished dishes should
enable an environmentally conscious and healthy nutrition for the people.

The dishes

purely vegetable  -  cholesterol free  -  without genetic engineering
free from artificial additives and preservatives  -  rich in vitamins and enzymes
filling but light and healthy  -  optimizes the body weight (per dish 4 % fat and 300 kcal)

from food surplus

warm meals

Food waste

1.3 billion tons

1 trillion US$
food waste annuallycosts annually

The annual food loss consists about 50 % of vegetables and fruits.
These vegetable and fruit surpluses can be processed for daily warm meals (burgers,
roast, steak, filet, ...) for nursery schools, schools, old people's homes and hospitals.

Of the population every third human is a child or an elderly person. That's about 150.000
people in a city with 500.000 inhabitants. These people need the most a healthy nutrition.

Sayn Food

650 million tons1.300 million
 surplus annuallywarm meals annually

Famine in the world

1 billion
hungry people worldwide

The daily vegetables and fruits surplus could be collected and made from that dry powder.
With our know-how it is possible to produce plant meat from these dry powder all around the world.
With this ecological measure the world hunger could be stopped long-lasting.


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